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LB Printery Terms & Conditions

1. Estimates / Quotations

Estimates provided by LB Printery are valid for 30 days (thirty) days. LB Printery reserves the right to refuse orders beyond this time period or if the estimate failed to cover all expenses not originally expressed in the estimate supplied.

2. Hard Copy Materials (slides, etc.)

All materials provided to LB Printery will be handled with care. We do not assume responsibility for loss or damage of any materials either in transit to or from LB Printery. Do not send originals. Materials are returned with order. We archive digital files for a maximum of one year unless prior arrangements are made.

Professional photographer's material must have a copyright release. LB Printery follows accepted industry standards when dealing with copyrighted works. Purchaser agrees to assume full responsibility for any copyright infringements. Purchaser also agrees to hold harmless and to indemnify LB Printery for all costs, expenses, attorneys fees, or judgements resulting from any claim or lawsuit against LB Printery for copyright infringement.

3. Artwork Reproduction

All products are printed on offset presses, letter presses or color lasers, depending on job specifications. We do not guarantee a color match. There will be times when colors shift between 5% - 15% of original.

When sending digital files electronically, you are responsible for following our guidelines. We preview all files and attempt to find potential problems but assume no responsibility should your job be printed incorrectly. We presume that the files you send are the files you want printed.

4. Proofs

If submitting your own digital files, we do not provide proofs. We ask that you supply low resolution JPEGs (not PDFs) of your own artwork, which act as proofs to LB Printery. If there is any variation between the low resolution proofs and the print-ready files, we will notify you prior to printing of what changes need to be made. We will not print your files or charge you until we have contacted you. See #12.

If LB Printery is preparing the artwork on your behalf, we will supply a proof via email or a hard copy proof via US Mail or to view at the shop. All corrections must be supplied in writing by email, UPS or US Mail or at the shop to your LB Printery customer service representative. Further revisions beyond the first proof and one revision to the layout is an additional charge. All custom artwork is billed at $65 per hour.

All non-approved proofs held in production for more than 30 days will be removed from production and filed. After 30 days, if the project is to move to completion, an additional charge may apply.

5. Alterations & Extras

Any alterations to the original specifications will carry an hourly design charge if it is deemed necessary by LB Printery at a rate of $65/hour with a minimum charge for ½ hour. Extras that fall into design time charges include: logo, photo manipulation, illustration and photo retouching. Please call for details and quotes on this type of work as it is not included in our basic pricing structure.

6. Electronic Submissions

If sending your files in print-ready format either through our FTP server or by email, there is no additional charge to send the first set of files. If you need to send another set of files or if corrections need to be made, there is no charge for the second set of files. After two electronic submissions, there is an additional charge. LB Printery is not responsible for proofreading or spell checking your submitted files unless you have ordered proofreading services for an additional fee.

7. Cancellation Policy

We must receive your cancellation request in writing within 3 (three) hours of the same day that your order was placed for no charge. After the file is in production, you will be charged all costs incurred to date of cancellation. If LB Printery is preparing your artwork, a charge is assessed based on the work completed at the rate of $65 per hour (minimum charge) plus any scans already completed.

8. Rush Orders

All rush orders are charged up to 50% additional fees of the total invoice due. Normal rush orders are requests of completion in 5 (five) days or less from the time the proof or order is approved. All orders take up to two weeks to complete depending on job complexity.

9. Guarantee

If the files we print do not match the files you sent us, we will reprint at no charge. Exceptions include RGB or Pantone colors to CMYK conversions, PDF files supplied as final artwork without a low resolution JPEG proof, files with embedded profiles or slight trimming imperfections. We do not guarantee a color match. If the files we print match the files you sent us that fall within the 5% - 15% color shift, the cost of reprinting is your responsibility.

Any claim for a reprint must be supplied in writing within 10 (ten) business days of receipt of order. We do not provide refunds.

Our turn around time is not guaranteed unless in writing by a LB Printery representative.
In no case is LB Printery liable for loss of business or implied damages.

10. Ownership

You certify that you own the rights to use the image(s) being reproduced by LB Printery. All materials and artwork created directly by LB Printery, including scans, typesetting, layouts, etc. are the property of LB Printery. We reserve the right to send samples of your printing unless otherwise notified in writing. We will not use your images in any national or international advertising without your prior written consent.

11. Shipping

We use ground shipping for all orders unless notified at time the order is placed that Expedited is preferred. Delivery times are estimated based on the information provided to LB Printery by the carrier and in no way is LB Printery responsible for delays in arrival time. LB Printery will provide you with a tracking number upon request and it is your responsibility to track your package(s) and notify us of any potential problems caused by the carrier.

12. Payment

All online and phone orders are prepaid. Orders placed in person in the shop require a 50% deposit with balance due on completion of order. Orders over 30 (thirty) days past due are assessed an 18% monthly finance charge with a $5.00 per month minimum until payment in full. Orders 90 (ninety) days past due are turned over to the local District Judge for collection and you are responsible for all legal and processing fees associated with the collection per the laws of the State of Pennsylvania.

Orders in the state of Pennsylvania are subject to state sales tax unless a resale certificate is submitted at the time of order placement. There is a $45.00 charge for returned checks.


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