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Exchanging Business Cards

Exchanging Business Cards: Do's and Don't's of Business Introductions

by Christopher J. Brunner

Exchanging business cards can be a smooth transaction, or it could be an awkward situation. Use this guide to plan ahead so that you are ready when someone asks for your business card.

Do be prepared

Always have a handful with you to present to potential clients or other business associates, even on the weekends. You'll find that many important contacts and business card exchanges can take place in the most unlikely places.

Don't hand out torn or worn business cards

Make sure they are clean and crisp with no frayed edges or pen marks. The best method of keeping your cards in neat form is a business card case. With designs ranging from techie to artsy to formal, you are bound to find one that fits your style and personality.

Do make it a point to hand out business cards

It doesn't take a large convention to bring customers and business owners together. Informal meetings are one of the best times to network and exchange business cards. If the person you are speaking with seems interested in your product or service you represent, offer that person a business card.

Do receive a business card properly

When accepting a business card, have a good look at it for a few seconds. In your conversation, offer a compliment about the logo, design, etc.

Don't hand out more than one card to a new contact

Only give one business card to your new contact. Leaving two or three may give the signal that you want them to make contacts for you which is tacky and unprofessional. Unless a prior agreement is made to exchange more than one card, keep the focus on person-to-person contact.

Do exchange business cards smoothly

When you first meet someone, it's ok to request a business card from them. However, If the person is of a higher position than yourself, you should wait for them to offer their card to you first. Remember if they want you to have a card, they will give you one!

Don't place it in a bag, pocket or wallet

Place the card you receive in a planner, notebook or business card case. Never place the card in a wallet that will be put in your back pocket. Doing so shows disrespect and an all around lack of organization on your part.

Do take advantage of free advertising

Local restaurants often hang a bulletin board near the front counter for business cards to be posted. You can also place your business card in the collection cups for drawings or mixers. They're offering you free advertising, so be ready to take advantage.

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