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Cook Book & Book Printing, Self Publishers

Cook Book Printing

Does your organization, community or family have recipes that they want printed and preserved in an attractive cookbook to sell online or in local stores? Then you've come to the right place. LB Printery will help print your digital-ready files or help you design your cookbook with the help of their talented graphic designers.

Available in quantities of 25 to 499 digital printing or 500 to 10,000+ offset printing. Full color throughout or full color cover with black interior or the entire cookbook in black and white.

Incorporate your favorite photos or illustrations to customize and personalize to your organization, business or family.

Self-Publish Your Cook Book

Self-publishing your cookbook is the easiest way to get your recipe creations out in front of the public. The old way generally required finding a literary agent, then finding a publisher and, as you might imagine, such agents and publishers are very selective about who they agree to work with. Just finding a publisher can easily take a couple of years of submissions, rejection letters, etc. In today's environment, that can be a killer.

Faced with such a long and arduous process, many authors choose instead to become – in essence – their own book publishers; an option that LB Printery can help you by helping design & print your book with an ISBN number so that it's ready to go to upload to web sites like, or to set up displays in local or regional stores.

By simply uploading a manuscript and selecting various options available, authors will be supplied with a professionally printed, designed, and perfect-bound book at whatever quantity they desire.

By taking control of your own creative process and becoming your own book publisher, you can finally achieve your dream of seeing your words in print!

Any Extra Charges?

Only if you choose any of the following options:

  • Case Binding (add $10 per book)
  • Spiral Coil Binding (add $0.60 per book)
  • Cover Design ($100 to $500 depending on complexity)
  • ISBN and barcode ($55+ for self-publishers)
  • Printed Proof ($40)
  • Re-formatting your files ($75 minimum)
  • Convert files to PDF ($50)
  • Extra Computer Time ($75 per hour)
  • Sending revised files ($50 each new set of files)
  • Cancelled orders($100 + any other options chosen)

ISBN and barcodes assistance (no charge):

Your book doesn’t have to have a self-publishing ISBN number, but if you’re planning on selling it through major, local or regional book stores or online book stores or businesses, you’ll need one. We recommend getting your own block of ISBN numbers, through or a single number through We can help you get your ISBN number or you can do it yourself and send us the appropriate files to include in your design or if your books is print-ready, it should already be embedded in the design.

The process takes about a week, though, so you'll need to figure that into your deadline. If you’re in a hurry, have us print the first set of books without an ISBN. We can always print stickers that you can put on the books after you get your ISBN.

Converting files to PDF ($50):

You can convert your files to PDF for FREE by downloading a FREE converter at, or click here for instant download and select "RUN". But if you can't figure it out, call us for help, or just send us your Word files and we'll convert them for you (for $50).

Software programs that we can convert to PDF:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Corel Draw
  • Illustrator
  • Page Maker 7

Sending us revised files ($50):

Please proofread your files carefully before submitting them. We do a lot of work on your files before sending you the PDF proof or the printed proof. If you need to submit new files, there is a $50 charge to cover the work we've already done on your original files.

Cancelled orders ($100 + any other options chosen):

As soon as you place your order, it's put into our production schedule. We put a lot of work into your files and reserve press time for printing your book. If you cancel your order, we'll be happy to return any deposits or credit card authorizations, minus $100 and any other options chosen that we have performed.

These are PERFECT BOUND BOOKS (paperback books), with inside pages printed in black ink or full color printed in quantities of 25 to 499 digital or 500 to 10,000+ offset.

Contact LB Printery today to discuss your full color cook book printing needs.

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