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Why Postcards Work

Full color postcards captivate the eye – and sell, sell, sell! Postcards are miniature billboards the go right to the people and they have time to read it! Designed with eye-stopping graphics and benefit-oriented text, your prospect “Gets your message!” the minute he or she picks-up the mail.

You get maximized visibility!

Our postcards are printed in full color on both sides on premium quality coated stock. Unlike direct mail messages hidden in envelopes (that all too often flutter unopened into the nearest recycle bin) each and every person who handles your postcard as it moves along the information highway sees your sales message. And, as you well know, you can never predict who on that list of accidental, secondary and pass-along viewers might well become one of your best new customers!

No bigger bang for your buck!

All things considered, postcards are hands-down the most cost-efficient hard-copy advertising, promotion and information dissemination vehicle available today. Dollar-for-dollar invested, postcards outperform practically every other direct communication medium, including print, radio and television.

Positive results ... FAST!

We routinely custom-design and print postcard campaigns for business-to-business, commercial and retail customers from coast-to-coast. Day-in and day-out we either ship the completed project in bulk to our customers, or save them even more time and money by mailing their campaign materials through our Mail Services Direct division.
Turnaround is the name of the game when it comes to direct mail marketing. We understand your need for superior quality, unsurpassed service and better-then-competitive pricing – we thrive on exceeding your expectations!

You’re the boss.

You have the final say at every step of the creative process. No photos or graphics are used without your approval. No printing is begun until you’ve signed-off on the final proof. You’ll never have to worry about receiving – or paying for – postcards that don’t match the design you approved.

Words of the wise to live by:

“Regular customer contact isn’t an expense, it’s an absolute necessity in an age when you can’t afford to trust your future to luck.”


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